Pleasanton Garage Remodel

A Complete Garage Remodel in Pleasanton

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After remodeling their master bathroom with Gayler Design Build in 2020, this young Pleasanton family decided to remodel their inefficient garage to create more storage and make it more functional for their needs.


Like most garages, it was entirely unfinished. To create a finished space, the walls and ceiling would need to be straightened before Gayler’s crew could install the drywall. To maintain comfort and suitable airflow in a limited space, it was also important to install proper R-value insulation.


The first order of business was to create more storage space in the already limited area of the garage.  Gayler Design Build framed a new attic floor, and then installed insulation in the ceiling and walls throughout the garage. To ensure proper airflow, two different types of insulation materials were used: Rigid Insulation Board in conjunction with Fiberglass Insulation.
Gayler Design Build incorporated two 2’0” x 2’0” curb mounted manual venting skylights into the design to lighten up the dark storage space.  A new epoxy floor on the ground level of the garage transformed the space into a functional, sleek area.

Gayler also installed new stairs for easy access to the storage area, and laid a durable, scratch-resistant laminate flooring. A wall-mounted cooling unit was also installed to save on space and maintain control over personal comfort.


What was initially planned for extra storage space, now also functions as a quiet and comfortable workspace. The Client was so thrilled with the upstairs storage area of the garage, he has now taken ownership and claimed it as his new home office! Bravo!