An Open Floor Plan to Increase Traffic

Danville Kitchen and Family Room Remodel

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Homeowner Challenge

Stephanie Fox is a busy Walnut Creek realtor, who has seen thousands of homes. When it came time to remodel the kitchen and family room in her 1978 Danville home, she wanted to make sure she found the right company in order to avoid what she describes as a “remodeling nightmare.”

Expectations of the Remodel

Stephanie interviewed three companies to get information and bids on her kitchen and family room remodeling project. She had been referred to Gayler Design Build by a friend. “I chose Gayler Design Build because I felt that they were very knowledgeable, and unlike so many other contractors, they came in with a real, true number on the cost,” she explains. “They made the process comfortable and transparent.” Stephanie and her husband entertain quite a bit, so they needed a space that would accommodate guests. George collaborated with the Foxes to come up with a design that would meet their needs and create a smooth traffic flow between the rooms. This involved removing walls that segmented the rooms to create an open and airy space that combined the kitchen, dining area and family room.

The End Product

When the project was completed, the Gaylers checked back regularly to make sure that the couple was happy with the end result. “There were a few little things that came up, but they came out right away and fixed them,” says Stephanie.  “I think one of the things that people don’t realize is that just because a contractor comes in at a low price on the bid, it doesn’t mean that’s what it’s going to finish out at,” explains Stephanie. “Gayler Design Build stayed true to their estimate, and the work is so fabulous you never have to worry about it. I recommend them to people all the time.”