Creating an Ideal Space for Entertaining

Danville Kitchen and Living Area Remodel

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Homeowner Challenge

Rick and Cindy Luck had been in their Danville home for seven years and had grown dissatisfied with the layout and look of their downstairs kitchen and living areas. “We were actually thinking about selling and moving to a new place,” says Cindy. “But the housing market was so competitive at the time, that it didn’t make sense.” That was when the couple began to consider remodeling rather than relocating.  Cindy shared her thoughts with a friend, who had used Gayler Design Build for a home remodeling project. “She is very particular, and she said wonderful things about them,” she explains.  The Lucks interviewed several contractors, including Gayler Design Build, and contacted previous clients to get feedback. “Again and again we heard excellent things about them,” says Cindy. “Past clients said that they were timely, and they did exactly what they said they would do. Those are the kinds of statements that you don’t normally hear about contractors.” The Lucks appreciated that the remodeling process was a collaborative effort and that George was very straightforward in telling them what would and wouldn’t work as they worked out a design. “We met with George and he sketched out what we thought we wanted,” says Cindy. “He came back with plans and we weren’t entirely happy with, so he redid them.”  “The second time, they were exactly what we envisioned,” she adds. “We appreciated that he told us the pros and cons of each aspect of the project and took our desires into consideration. Then he did his best to come up with something that made sense from both a design and construction perspective.”

Expectations of the Remodel

Although the remodel was extensive and involved the entire first floor of the residence, the Lucks stayed in their home during the process. They expected the experience to be extremely stressful, but were pleasantly surprised by their project manager Paul and his crew. “Imagine having a crew of strangers in your house all day,” says Cindy. “But those strangers quickly became friends. Everyone was so respectful, and they did such a great job of cleaning up each day before they left. They treated our home as a home, not a construction site. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as we anticipated.”

The End Product

And the end result? “It’s the best decision we ever made,” says Cindy. “It’s been eight years since we did the project, and it’s been a delight. Rick and I entertain a lot, and the floor plan is perfect for our lifestyle. We couldn’t be happier.”