Diablo Outdoor Kitchen Addition

Diablo Outdoor Living Space

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This original backyard contained an existing pool with a connected spa. In order to enhance their love for entertaining, the homeowners wanted to construct an outdoor kitchen next to the pool where they could spend cooking time among family and guests.


The result is a gorgeous fully covered outdoor kitchen that blends into the new tile pool decking. The kitchen contains a gas barbeque along with a custom wood burning grill and overhead hood to vent the smoke. An overhead fan assists with circulation. A kitchen sink was installed to provide the convenience of running water. Other appliances included a refrigerator, a wine refrigerator, a beer kegerator and an ice maker. Granite countertops surround the kitchen counters and also the higher bar seating space. The outdoor lighting against the wood sheathing provides a warm lighting ambiance that is even more accentuated after sunset.