Free eBook: The 3-Bid Myth: Uncover the Facts



When hiring a remodeling contractor for a home remodeling project, the traditional practice of seeking out “competitive” bids from at least three companies is generally considered the best way to go. But is it?

In a bidding war, it’s difficult to decipher whether you’re actually comparing apples to apples. Worse still, it’s widely known that when homeowners are presented with options, they tend to choose the middle-priced bid. After all, it should be the best value, right? Wrong. Homeowners, you’ve been duped. The lack of information present in a bid is staggering, so you end up relying on the best gauge left available to you – the price. Unfortunately, however, the price tells you next to nothing about your chosen remodeling contractor.

So, just what is all the information missing from a “competitive” bid? And how can homeowners land a stellar remodeling contractor without flying blind?

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